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Introducing Voitrai: Revolutionizing Radio with AI-Powered Synthetic Voice Tracking


Barnegat, NJ August 2023 - In an era where radio has long embraced technology to enhance listener experiences, the industry stands on the cusp of a groundbreaking transformation. Today, we are excited to announce the arrival of "Voitrai," a pioneering AI-based synthetic radio voice tracking system, poised to redefine radio broadcasting in remarkable ways.

The Evolution of Radio

Radio has been a beacon of entertainment, information, and connection for generations. Over the years, it has embraced technologies like automated scheduling and automation to streamline operations. However, the essence of radio, as the "theater of the mind," has always thrived on the human touch and personal connection it offers.

The Next Frontier: Voitrai

With Voitrai, we are ushering in a new era of radio broadcasting. This cutting-edge AI system seamlessly blends the power of automation with the warmth of human-like voices. Here are the key features that set Voitrai apart:

1. Human-Like Voices: Voitrai's AI technology produces voices that are strikingly human-like, ensuring a truly immersive and engaging radio experience for listeners.

2. User Control: While AI powers the system, users remain in control of what the AI says. This balance between automation and human control allows for personalized broadcasts.

3. Community Integration: Voitrai seamlessly integrates community updates, news, and station promos, enhancing station engagement and interaction.

4. Voice Customization: With the ability to clone custom voices, stations can create unique identities and branding for their broadcasts.

5. Flexible Modes: Voitrai adapts to your needs, whether you prefer automatic or manual modes, ensuring a versatile and dynamic radio experience.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Voitrai is designed to seamlessly integrate into radio stations' operations. Currently compatible with StationPlaylist, it can also be adapted to work with any automation system, offering flexibility to broadcasters. Its Windows-based application, stand-alone functionality, and browser-based configuration and control make it user-friendly and accessible for all.

Furthermore, Voitrai takes pride in its in-house installation approach, providing reliability and security without relying on cloud-based solutions.

The Future of Radio

Voitrai marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of radio. It combines the rich history of radio as "theater of the mind" with the power of AI, opening up new possibilities for broadcasters and captivating listeners in ways never before imagined.

For more information about Voitrai and to explore how this groundbreaking technology can transform your radio station, please visit .

About Voitrai:

Voitrai is an innovative AI-based synthetic radio voice tracking system dedicated to revolutionizing the radio broadcasting industry. With a commitment to blending the best of automation and human interaction, Voitrai is poised to shape the future of radio.

Press Contact:

Bill Clanton

Developer/CEO – WWN Interactive

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